The ISAGENIX cleansing diet program assists the body to cleanse toxic waste out of all the organs of your body at a cellular level.

There isn't another program on the planet that does this ...and I doubt if there will ever be!

A cleansing diet ...Or should I say "a way of living" ...that feeds your body all of those wonderful nutrients ...minerals and trace minerals ...we need for a healthy and long life.

A way of living that helps you ...slow that continuous poisoning of your body ...one that removes those poisonous body toxins that build up over time ...before they eventually cause early aging ...illness ...disease and death.

Well ...obviously for a long and healthy life ...we need good food and we need to remove toxic substances ...HOW DO WE DO THAT?

Don't worry ...the ISAGENIX program does it all for you. It provides us with ...the very best nutrient dense food you can get ...whilst removing our toxic substances and impurities. We all know ...that we bathe or shower the outside of our body ...to get rid of our dirt.

We all know how good we feel after bathing or showering ...and we feel better about working ...right? Well our body is no different on the inside ...when you give it a clean environment to work in ...it delivers peak performance.

That's why athletes love this program ...it allows your body on the inside to deliver peak performance. It's a wonderful cleansing diet.

We're not going to talk about a lady's age ...but would you like to look as good as Jill when you're over 50? ...Well, YES it's possible!

This program works on the inside of our body ...at cellular level ...to cleanse and get rid of our body toxins and impurities ...so your body can work as it was designed to do.

It's a FULL BODY CLEANSE ...and it works on all the organs of our body ...at cellular level ...how good is that?


OK so let's start ...with the BEST modern CLEANSING TECHNOLOGY in the world... The ISAGENIX nutritional cleansing diet.

Let's start with the only program on our planet ...that rids your body of toxins at a cellular level ...why do I say the only program ...because it's true ...there's nothing in the same category as this program anywhere on our planet.

Our natural product formulator ...John Anderson... undeniably the WORLDS BEST ...spent three decades learning his trade. He spent seventeen years 'hands on' ...just working out how to assimilate some of the programs most important ingredients ...into our body.

HE FOUND A WAY ...because he knows botanicals, herbs, vitamins and minerals ...like no one else.

As a private label formulator ...he produced over 2500 health and wellness products ...for over 600 different companies’ ...world wide. He knows what our bodies need and want ...He knows that our bodies are desperately lacking in minerals and trace minerals ...he knows we don't get them from what we normally eat.

And he's given us the way to get them ...with this wonderful cleansing diet. A meal that "feeds" us whilst cleansing all of our body organs.

After seventeen long years he discovered ...how to get those rock minerals into an organic form ...and in doing so discovered ...the very best way to put those missing minerals and trace minerals back into our body. He has done what others can't do.

Then he combined the getting rid of our body toxins ...with putting those missing minerals and trace minerals back into our body.

...And that's what makes this program ...STAND ALONE ...because no one else has ever done that.

A program that feeds you whilst it cleanses out toxins and impurities and so you improve your health ...slow aging ...feel better ...look better and lose weight if you have body fat to lose.

Some "athletic types" that are working hard with several "sessions" per day and who don't have "body fat" to lose often need more than "two shakes" per day to satisfy their hunger ...and that's OK because they're burning the calories and need the extra "fuel". Some have "extra shakes" PLUS an "extra normal meal".

Most use an extra scoop of IsaPro in each shake so they're getting 40+ grams of protein in every shake ...which mostly satisfies their hunger.

But it's not about "starving" your body... if you're hungry ...HAVE ANOTHER SHAKE!

And the reason why your not hungry when your on this program and you "match" it to your work load ...is because it's NOT really a diet ...it's FEEDING your body with ALL of those good nutrients, minerals and trace minerals ...at the same time as it's removing toxins.

It's not starving you ...like a "normal' diet ...so really it's NOT a diet ...and if you doubt this ...see the ingredients on our "program" pages ...it's just full of nutrition.

There is a solution for removing body toxins ...actually there's lots ...but ONLY THIS ONE has the technology to deep cleanse at cellular level ...without harming the body.

This NEW ISAGENIX technology or NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING is a full body cleansing diet ...at it's very best.

Don't stuff around with your health ...
Use the best available ...and your body will reward you.


Caution is needed when discussing this program with "Medical Professionals" who are unfamiliar with a cleansing diet or this program. If they don't take the time to "investigate & understand" the program fully they are often relying on "general knowledge" and not "FULL UNDERSTANDING". They sometimes misunderstand the ingredients and how they react in the body when COMBINED in this "nutritionally balanced" and "purpose designed" program... WHICH IS THE VERY BEST ON THE PLANET.

MANY Medical Professionals simply have no knowledge and understanding of NUTRITION at the level of our Master Formulator John Anderson who has produced over 2300 WELLNESS PRODUCTS for over 600 Companies worldwide.

IF YOU RECEIVE CONFLICTING ADVICE ...we recommend that you contact the ISAGENIX Scientific Board and seek assistance from the worlds leading Professionals (PhD's, Medical Scientists, Medical Doctors and Bio Chemists) SPECIALIZING in this area of nutrition. If you require help please contact us for assistance with this at any time.

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And look for a skin improvement!

And then there's me!

I'm half the man I was ...after losing 46kg (102lbs)
and I'm well, and I feel at least 20 years younger than I am.